Who we are

Marckyrl Pharma is a young pharmaceutical company, established in early 2013. We are located in the small town of Papenburg on the Ems River, in Northwestern Germany, close to the Northeastern border of the Netherlands and the North Sea. Papenburg, despite its small size, is internationally reputed for shipbuilding yards specialized in cruise ships..

Marckyrl Pharma started its actual operations in September 2013, with two non-pharmaceutical products – a medical device, Biguanelle® for the treatment of vaginal infections, and a dietary supplement with the brand name Tetraglobin HP® (discontinued sales), whose main ingredient is lactoferrine. In June 2014 we launched another dietary supplement based on Myo-Inositol, Inofolic®, which, like Tetraglobin, enhances the general well-being of women. In September 2014 we launched our first prescription products Prolutex® and Triptofem®.
We are pleased that our portfolio has been supplemented by the product INOFOLIC PREMIUM® since the beginning of 2019. It represents, so to speak, a Forte variant of INOFOLIC and offers an increased myo-inositol uptake thanks to the active ingredient alpha-lactalbumin.


Marckyrl Pharma was created with the purpose to focus on the German market. Thus, Marckyrl Pharma is a potential distribution partner in Germany to pharmaceutical developers who wish to market their products in the largest European market. The present products of Marckyrls portfolio are in-licensed from European pharmaceutical developers.
Besides, Marckyrl Pharma has started to create an international presence within the EU thanks to good contacts with dedicated distributors.

In Addition, we have an Austrian affiliated company, Karmed GmbH, with focus on development and licensing of generic products for special niche indications.