Biguanelle®, indicated for vaginal infections, is based on the antiseptic active substance Polyhexamethylene-biguanide Hydrochloride (PHMB).

This active principle is widely acknowledged in other therapeutic fields such as in ophtalmics or in wound disinfection. PHMB in Biguanelle®, available as a vaginal solution formulation, provides the benefit of effective treatment of both bacterial and mycotic infections.

Another unique feature of Biguanelle® solution is its single dose use, thanks to a special galenic technology which attributes a depot effect to the solution: once administered into the vaginal cavity the solution thickens and remains for the recommended 4 days and displaying continued antiseptic activity. Further, with its pH value of 4, corresponding to the physiological pH value of the healthy vaginal mucosa, Biguanelle® solution preserves the natural vaginal flora, in particular the lactobacterias, necessary to restore the balance of the vaginal ecosystem and to prevent secondary infections.

Biguanelle® Vaginal solution has the regulatory status of a medical device and is being recommended by gynecologists. Being a non-Rx product, Biguanelle can also be purchased in pharmacies over the counter (OTC).

Thanks to the broad spectrum activity of Biguanelle®, which effectively combats both bacterial and mycotic infections, the patient experiences immediate relief of symptoms.



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